About Me

I’m Ilze, and I live with my husband Jaco and our four children in the cozy town of Dongen, Brabant. Our family moved to the Netherlands from South Africa.

I grew up in sunny South Africa, and both my parents were born in the Netherlands. With this move ‘back’ to the Netherlands, I also begin a transition in my career, something I’ve wanted for a long time but never dared to pursue.

I haven’t always been an Image Consultant, but it’s been a long-time dream of mine. Before this, I was an auditor in accounting, finance, and taxation. The transition from financial auditing to wardrobe auditing shares some similarities:

  • In both industries the aim is to help you better understand what you have, why you have it, and how you can effectively use it.
  • Auditors are trained to analyze data, identify patterns, and make informed decisions. These analytical skills is valuable in assessing clients’ personal style, body shape, and color preferences.
  • Auditors often have a keen eye for detail, which is essential when evaluating clients’ wardrobes, assessing their clothing choices, and providing personalized recommendations for improvement.

My passion lies in making a difference in the lives of women (busy mothers) and teaching them how to feel beautiful and confident within the constraints of time and budget, while enhancing their unique style journey. I want to show the beauty that resides within on the outside; being the best version of yourself. So, I started studying ‘Image Consulting’ at an internationally certified institution, and “Mooier Jij” was born!

It’s not uncommon to feel like you have nothing to wear, even when your closet is full. Here are some tips for mothers who find themselves in a similar situation:

  • Emphasize that comfort does not need to be sacrificed for style;
  • Encourage regular closet cleanouts and getting rid of items that are no longer worn;
  • Focus on keeping items that are both loved and versatile and that suit your body;
  • Experiment with mixing patterns, textures, and colors for a fresh look;
  • Save time and stress when choosing clothes in the morning; and
  • Shop consciously by considering the versatility of a clothing item.

By following these suggestions, mothers may find they can use their wardrobe more effectively and discover they actually have more to wear than they thought.

Most importantly, it all starts with looking inward and accepting yourself. A new piece of clothing won’t bring you happiness; it starts from within, and I’d love to help you with that.

I’ll work with you to choose clothing that fits your figure and in the right colors; from wardrobe planning to personal shopping. Of course, we’ll first look at what you already have in your closet and work from there. This way, we can work sustainably and avoid unnecessary costs.

First impressions are crucial: people look at your appearance and how you present yourself. Clothing plays a big role in how you feel and what you convey to others.

This new (dream) job, where my interests and experiences come together, makes me very excited, and I can’t wait to welcome you to my studio and bring out the ‘Mooier Jij‘ (More Beautiful You)! Are you ready to invest in yourself? Feel free to contact me.



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